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With the unfortunate pandemic which has changed out entire way of life, never has there been a time to ensure our elders are at home and safe.
The Family Caregiving Education system is your answer to doing just that. We are dedicated ensure you do not experience a slip up which at one time could lead to a simple trip to the hospital. There are no more simple trips to the hospital. In the presence of this pandemic, our elderly population is the most at risk. We are dedicated to our client’s health and safety as each client is in fact a member of our cohesive family.

Our Company Mission

Our mission statement is quite simple. We are dedicated to keeping the aging population at home with their family where the belong. We are dedicated to saving as many people as possible from nursing home placements. Along with the assistance of her mother and brother, the owner and CEO of FCE was a caregiver to her Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Aunt. She has dedicated her life to becoming a caregiver coach, first via receiving a master’s degree in occupational therapy with the focus on Geriatrics. Shebelieves God has blessed her with the opportunity to share her education and knowledge with other caregivers and has expanded her practice to provide her education system to the entire US and beyond.

Share Your Cares. Inspire Others.

FCE is your solution to all of the unknown elements associated with caring for aging family members. We provide your family with transnational education to afford caregivers the opportunity to truly enjoy the gift of giving back to those who once cared for them.
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Meet Our Founder and Her Family

Shannon Hutchinson is the founder and CEO of FCE. She teaches family caregivers exactly how to begin each day easily from the process of bed mobility, dressing, toileting, bathing all the way through to the end of the day with a must have, bed positioning. Shannon has assisted hundreds of family caregivers with the tangible education needed and required to keep their beloved aging family members at home safely, while still maintaining an excellent quality of life for themselves. Her simple education processes give the caregiver every interactive needed nugget of to increase the level of independence of their oved one. She has saved hundreds of aging men and women from unnecessary placements in skilled nursing facilities while also saving many family homesteads as a result. As an older teenager into young adult, Shannon was blessed with the fortune of assisting her mother with caring for her grandparent’s and Great aunt. It was the tragic fall of her grandmother which lead to her ultimate demise which caused Shannon to draw a line in the sand. She then changed her career path to receive a master’s degree in occupational therapy with the goal of keeping the aging population safe while at home to provide caregivers the knowledge she did not have to keep her own grandmother safe. She has dedicated her life to the aging population and their families. Shannon has been married to the love of her life, Brian for 12.5 years. They are blessed with an eleven year old daughter Ellie Grace, an amazing young lady who tears up the basketball courts when not swimming, spending time with her Mimi, or playing with what Shannon refers to “The Family Zoo”… of which include 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 hermit crabs, 2 fish, and a partridge in a pear tree!

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